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SharePoint, Outlook, and Office 365
in one place…Outlook brings together your Microsoft information, putting you at the center of technology.
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SharePoint, Plus All Your Office 365 Apps
…in Outlook
Boost SharePoint user adoption and information governance. And, with SharePoint, Office 365 in one place, the right thing is the easy thing to do. for Outlook
Full-featured access to Office 365 and SharePoint from an Outlook email sidebar on your desktop.
App for Office
Effortlessly upload and classify emails and documents from the convenience of Office plug-ins on the Mac, mobile devices, and the Office Web App.
Mobile Apps
Full-featured, secure access to Office 365 and SharePoint from smartphones and tablets via a mobile app on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • Be More Productive makes the ‘right thing’ the ‘easy thing’ by enabling you to upload emails and documents to SharePoint, share document links instead of attachments, and much more…all without leaving Outlook.
  • Ensure the success of your SharePoint/Office 365 initiative
    Using, workers can easily upload, classify, find and share key documents and emails with colleagues. helps drive SharePoint adoption, eliminate document chaos, increase project visibility, and even reduce the cost of email storage.
  • Enterprise-grade solution is an enterprise-grade solution that can be centrally-deployed and managed, without requiring modifications to your SharePoint server infrastructure. Administrators can pre-configure SharePoint sites and preferences and measure business worker engagements.
Focus on work instead of tools
Connect Office 365 emails and SharePoint documents by topics, the way you think, directly in Outlook. So you can concentrate on what matters most.
Information organized by topic
Office 365 has many apps for different purposes. organizes Office 365 information by topics, the way you think.
Putting humans in the center
We work with apps. But we think about topics. puts the human in the center by enabling you to focus on work topics, rather than how to use apps.
Office 365 in your Outlook window delivers your documents, calendar invites, and app notifications directly to your Outlook window, the place you spend most of your work time.
  • All Project Activity in a Snapshot helps you immediately focus on what’s important to you, by surfacing the topics you need to follow, like important customers, projects, products, or services. Drill down on a topic to find that one email or document that needs to be addressed rather than having to trawl through countless threads.
  • Discover critical developments across your organization
    Stay on top of developments unfolding across your organization. For example, when your Legal Department needs to contact your customer for regulatory reasons or audit purposes, you ordinarily have no visibility. With, you can be connected to updates and important correspondence about your customer, so you can act quickly when necessary.
  • Information Organized Automatically
    • Follow your top topics
    • Focus on the important things
    • Understand your information in context
    • Discover instead of Search
    • Boost productivity
Empower your employees with innovation
Cutting-edge technology that brings all your Office 365 tools together