harmon.ie Humanizes Document and Email Capture

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Digital Experience Disruptor Automates the Information Governance Last Mile


In its mission to humanize the digital experience, harmon.ie today unveiled new capabilities of its Information Governance solution that make the right thing to do, the easy thing to do for the typical employee. harmon.ie now gives organizations an easy way to properly manage important emails and documents as business records in SharePoint without asking employees to complicate their daily routine.

“When organizations try to force workers to add more steps, or in many cases new services or apps, to their daily routine, compliance initiatives fail,” noted Bruce Miller a leading expert on electronic recordkeeping and principal at RIMtech Consulting. “Missing critical emails and documents can become massive litigation risks. Ultimately, organizations need to make it easy for workers to comply with governance directives by simplifying the experience for them. It could mean the difference between compliance and non-compliance.” 

In a recent research report, harmon.ie found that capturing important emails remains the biggest compliance roadblock. harmon.ie makes information governance a seamless part of employees’ current email regimen. harmon.ie allows organizations to keep the human at the center of the compliance initiative by giving the workers ultimate control, while eliminating human error and reducing employee resistance. By employing simple Outlook rules to give workers an intuitive way to dictate which emails need to be stored for compliance, the email capture procedure can be automated by the user. 

“Technology is useless if it isn’t easy to use. SharePoint can become a document graveyard if employees don’t embrace the tool or use it the right way, and you can’t manage what your users don’t upload or classify,” notes Ron Surette, former director general of digital preservation and CIO of the Library and Archives of Canada. “Employees don’t have time to manually specify metadata or classify every email they want to store as an email of record in SharePoint. harmon.ie provides an accurate, easily accessible digital paper trail. It turns a complex process that workers simply won’t do, into something extremely simple that they willingly embrace.” 

Information workers decide what is captured, classified and uploaded automatically as records in SharePoint. For example, a worker can create a standard Outlook rule that says that all emails with “Project Alpha” in the subject line need to be saved as records in SharePoint. Once the rule is applied, all subsequent emails with the text “Project Alpha” in the subject line will automatically be uploaded and classified – making saving important emails effortless. If the user prefers to do it manually, harmon.ie still simplifies the process by enabling them to drag and drop emails into designated folders, even when offline, for classification and storage in SharePoint. 

“Today’s workers are bombarded with an incessant stream of emails, and most spend most of their workday checking their email – they live and breathe Outlook for the majority of their workday,” added Yaacov Cohen, CEO of harmon.ie. “Trying to capture and archive every single email is completely unmanageable, and extremely costly. Solving the current email governance problem is all about making the solution part of workers’ preferred user experience. We are trying to make it almost instantaneous for users to properly capture and classify important emails and associated documents, as well as retrieve them when needed—all within Outlook.” 

To learn more about how harmon.ie is humanizing the last mile of email capture for information governance, register for one of the webinar sessions on February 1, 2017.

About harmon.ie

harmon.ie humanizes the digital experience by providing a suite of user experience products that empower today’s distributed workforce to get work done on their own terms. We put the human in the center, insulating information workers from technology complexity and allowing them to complete workplace tasks directly from the friendly confines of their email client. Thousands of enterprise customers count on harmon.ie to provide humanized information governance, collaboration, knowledge retention, and email and records management using SharePoint, Office 365 and other collaboration tools. harmon.ie is a Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist and an IBM global partner.

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