harmon.ie Brings Collage™ to the Channel with New Partner Offering

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Topic Computing Solution Enables VARs and Resellers like Strategic SaaS, Orangutech and Cobalt to Generate Revenue by Helping Businesses Overcome Information Overload in Cloud Environments

Boston, MA

harmon.ie, provider of the first user experience tools for the digital workspace built to deliver information the way the human brain works, today announced that its latest generation topic computing solution, Collage™ for Dynamics 365, is now available to channel partners. Enterprises’ mass migration to cloud platforms has created data siloes that are impairing workers’ ability to complete their tasks. harmon.ie now offers VARs and resellers the opportunity to connect these siloes through its Collage product delivered together with value-added services, helping clients’ knowledge workers make sense of disconnected information from Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Zendesk, and email.

“We are excited to offer Microsoft VARs and resellers an offering for clients that presents an effective, people-first solution to their productivity problems by seamlessly connecting the Dynamics 365, Office 365 and other cloud platforms, while also creating additional service revenues,” said Yaacov Cohen, co-founder and CEO of harmon.ie.

Collage is an innovative cloud-based solution that positions channel companies as trusted advisors capable of helping businesses extract more value from their strategic cloud investments. The solution uses artificial intelligence to connect information across many apps according to important topics, such as account, project, or customer, making it easier for knowledge workers to see the big picture, so they can complete tasks throughout the day. Innovative channel companies, such as Strategic SaaS, Orangutech and Cobalt, are using harmon.ie’s topic computing solutions to better integrate their portfolio of cloud solutions and offer customized solutions to their clients. These packages help VARs and resellers generate significant revenues from both IT integrations and consulting services.

“One of the primary challenges facing accounting and law firms, or any other data-intensive industry, is the ability to easily access data when they need it,” said Lacy Omsberg, Senior SharePoint Consultant at Strategic SaaS. The company works with professional services firms that use Collage to help their knowledge workers overcome information overload, overly noisy apps, and other workplace distractions, to focus and deliver quality work. Omsberg continued, “harmon.ie gives us the opportunity to work closely with our clients to create a cloud solution that pays almost immediate dividends for them. Professionals working in multi-cloud environments no longer need to toggle among disparate apps trying to piece together the big picture; instead, they see it directly in their email window.”

Orangutech is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that utilizes the topic computing solution to help Canadian federal government employees securely work with classified information both in the office and on their mobile device. “Like most large organizations, promoting collaboration within the federal government environment is challenging,” said Barry Doucette, CEO at Orangutech. “harmon.ie and now Collage enable workers to focus on work rather than on manipulating technology. Government agencies make the most of their existing IT investments by intelligently bringing their document, collaboration, and email apps together into a single coherent picture, directly in their email window.”

“At Cobalt, we are always striving to create solutions that make it easier for our customers, and their customers, to interact and resolve problems through software,” said Chris Capistran, President, Cobalt. “Our clients have found that the cost benefits of cloud platforms are eroded by the productivity lost when creating data siloes. harmon.ie gives us the opportunity to sell value-added services that enable knowledge workers to bring together multiple cloud services into a single, coherent picture. For the first time, workers now see the information forest for the data trees.”

Channel companies interested in learning more about Collage can visit our website for more information or request a trial.

About harmon.ie

harmon.ie (www.harmon.ie) makes user experience tools for the digital workspace, built to deliver information the way the human brain works. The company is a pioneer in Topic Computing; its flagship harmon.ie Collage solution breaks down data siloes from business applications by grouping information by topics, thereby surfacing what’s most important to knowledge workers. harmon.ie provides a cohesive, people-first user experience supported by cognitive science and powered by machine learning to enhance employee productivity and help organizations overwhelmed with data. The company is a Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist and an IBM global partner.

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