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Top 25 European SharePoint Influencers

The Top 25 European SharePoint Influencers for 2016 mark the 6th iteration of an esteemed list of thoughts leaders who showcase the power and value that individuals bring to the Microsoft ecosystem. SharePoint’s recent resurgence and the rapid stream of updates to Office 365 are outpacing customers’ ability to keep. These influencers get down into the SharePoint trenches to help customers, partners and end users navigate the increasingly complex mobile first, cloud first world.

This year’s list was unique in that the top three influencers have never been featured in a top 25 list before which clearly demonstrates the vitality and dynamism of the Microsoft ecosystem. Congratulations to Rodrigo Pinto, Adrian Diaz and Alberto Diaz.

You can find the full infographic of influencers here.

Without further ado, here are the top 25 EU influencers for 2016:

  1. Rodrigo Pinto
    SharePoint Architect
  2. Adrian Diaz
    SharePoint Architect
  3. Alberto Diaz
    Chief Technology Innovation Officer
  4. Wictor Wilen
    Digital Workplace, Group Manager
  5. Spencer Harbar
    Managing Director
    Triumph Media Limited
  6. Waldek Mastykarz
    Development Evangelist
    Rencore GmbH
  7. Marius Constantinescu
    Managing Consultant
  8. Elio Struyf
    Vice President
    Ventigrate, BIWUG
  9. Adis Jugo
    Director of Product Technology
  10. Jasper Oosterveld
    Cloud Consultant
  11. Roger Haueter
    Team Lead
    isolutions AG
  12. Chris O’Brien
    Head of Development
    Content and Code
  13. Miguel Tabera Pacheco
    Office 365 and SharePoint Lead
    Necsia IT Consulting
  14. Olaf Didszun
    Technology Manager
    PlanB. GmbH
  15. Tobias Zimmergren
    Product Owner – Cloud Offerings
    Rencore GmbH
  16. Matthias Einig
    CEO & Founder
    Rencore GmbH
  17. Gokan Ozcifci
    Director, SharePoint Architect
    Neoxy Consultancy
  18. Michael Greth
    SharePoint Specialist
    SharePoint Podcast
  19. Paolo Pialorsi
    Senior Consultant
  20. Martina Grom
    atwork it
  21. Penny Coventry
    Combined Knowledge
  22. Agnes Molnar
    Managing Consultant
    Search Explained
  23. Bill Ayers
    SharePoint Architect
    Flow Simulation Ltd.
  24. Hans Brender
    Cloud Ranger
  25. Wilco Turnhout
    Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer
    Rapid Circle


David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer