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Today, issued an industry report, “The One Email You Can’t Ignore: The Risks and Business Impact of Failing to Treat Emails as Records.”  The report identifies what has emerged as the newest – and the most significant – set of obstacles between your company and maintaining compliance: email.

The report, fielded in conjunction with records management leader Gimmal, surveyed more than 100 information governance professionals. It finds that information governance professionals are overwhelmed by email and unable to classify and store it, making retrieval a major headache and leaving their organizations open to significant financial risk. The report also includes horror stories shared by industry professionals which detail the consequences of information governance gone wrong.

See below for a selection of data from report:

  • While email is one of the largest sources of business records, 77 percent of information governance professionals acknowledged challenges with email compliance.
  • Nearly a quarter of information governance professionals said their organization experienced litigation, regulatory sanction or other negative consequences as a result of inability to produce emails as records.
  • Four out of five respondents identified the “last mile” of compliance and information governance as critical, because that’s where many important emails and documents don’t get captured.

In short, if you haven’t found a solution for handling your emails in compliance with information governance standards, your company is facing a big problem.

“The importance of being able to classify, store and retrieve the ever-increasing number of emails containing business critical information can’t be understated,” noted Yaacov Cohen, co-founder and CEO of “The legal, compliance and business ramifications of mismanaging emails are very real, and businesses must make sure employees are able to easily capture all sources of business information to avoid potentially dire consequences.”  

To learn more about the role of email in RIM please join and records management expert Bruce Miller, VP of Professional Services, Ron Johnsen, and Gimmal CTO, Brad Teed on May 18th at 11:00 am ET for the live webinar, “Email: The Final Frontier for RIM Compliance.”

Download the comprehensive report, which includes detailed analysis, stats and findings: The One Email You Can’t Ignore: The Risks and Business Impact of Failing to Treat Emails as Records.

Danielle Arad
Digital Marketing Manager