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Our new Customization Tool offers even greater control of your deployment.


If you have purchased Email, Enterprise Edition, you will be happy to learn about our new customization tool. This tool saves administrators time and tedious repetitiveness by simplifying the customization of the Email installation and initial configuration.

With the Customization Tool, you can easily tailor the installer with your own predefined SharePoint sites, initial favorite locations, and all of the app settings preset for users upon installation. This way, it will be simple for any and all of your users to start working with, with no need for them to perform their own preliminary configurations or conduct their own individual troubleshooting.

Using this tool, you can even re-brand with your company’s name and logo. What’s more unique than that?


Basically, the new Customization Tool saves administrators a lot of time in not having to manually create and implement all of their custom settings and branding packages and push them out to users at the individual level. For all users, this new tool allows you to jump right into using your own predefined settings, with your organization’s brand positioned proudly and prominently right there on the sidebar.


Learn how to use the customization tool in this for Outlook Knowledge Base article.

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Ram Tagher
Product Manager