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In this release we introduce two new features:

  • Document preview for iPads, showing document previews alongside document lists.
  • Camera action to upload images directly from your device to SharePoint.


Document preview

In iPad only, a Preview action (

) shows a preview of the selected document, alongside the documents list. This feature is only available for locations saved offline. In preview mode, use the right and left arrows at the bottom to preview the next/previous document. 


Camera action

This release adds a new Camera action that lets you upload images to SharePoint from the Photos app or by taking a new photo with your device’s camera.
Simply click the camera icon (

) and select Take Photo / Choose Existing. Take a photo, or select images from your device, and then select the SharePoint location to which you want to upload the images. Note that the maximum number of images to upload in a single operation can be provisioned. suggests a few options for naming the images being uploaded: Select between the Original name, Album name, Date taken, or type a new name for the image(s).


Want to learn more?

Visit the for Mobile iPad/iPhone support page.

Feel free to send us your feedback using this form.

Ram Tagher
Product Manager