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On December 7th, 2016, co-hosted a wildly successful SharePoint Workshop and Expo at the Microsoft Technology Center in New York City. We hosted over 150 people during the day-long event, who gathered to discuss “Building SharePoint and Office 365 Experiences That People Love” together with our event partners, Gimmal, Metalogix, AvePoint, Nintex, and KL Software.

Speakers during the day included representatives from each of the event partners, who conducted some fantastic breakout sessions on everything from designing a secure information governance strategy in SharePoint and Office 365, to embracing digital transformation in your business.

The agenda

In a riveting keynote address, titled, Humanizing Technology: Should Technology Replace or Augment Humans in the Enterprise? CEO Yaacov Cohen spoke about the need to put the heart back in the center of any technology rollout. Cohen presented data showing although organizations are investing heavily in technology, we aren’t seeing a corresponding effect in business productivity. That’s because, Cohen argues, that the use of technology is not being considered from the human side of things. He took a deeper look at the tension between humanity and technology from a business perspective. It’s this tension that is at the center of adoption issues for technologies like Office 365 and SharePoint 2016.

We are in the midst of a golden age of innovation. ‘Mobile’ is now universal and mobile devices have been widely adopted at an unpresented rate. And cloud services, such as Office 365, are growing rapidly. There are already over 80 million Office 365 subscribers and 40 percent of them are using SharePoint Online. And investment in IT across enterprise continues to steadily grow. The caveat, as Cohen notes, is that productivity is shrinking, despite this IT growth.

A people-first approach to the cloud, Office 365 and SharePoint

The answer? To get productivity to correspond to the level of IT growth is to put humanity at the center of technology.

The opening address set the tone for the following informative breakout sessions from, A People-First Approach to Office 365 and SharePoint, AvePoint’s session, Control the sprawl – Office 365 Groups Governance and Compliance and KL Software Technologies’, SharePoint Project Management Simplified.

Lunch allowed for partner booth visits and some excellent networking opportunities for speakers and guests, alike, before the commencement of the afternoon sessions. These included Nintex’s Embracing digital transformation, in your business, easily and Gimmal’s Manage Emails as Records in SharePoint to Reduce Risk and Cost. Following a break and more partner booth visits, Metalogix hosted their breakout session, Designing a Secure Information Governance Strategy in SharePoint and Office 365. And presented their SharePoint Case Study: ‘Checking in’ Takes on a Whole New Meaning at Hilton.

The afternoon breakout sessions were followed by a lively roundtable discussion titled, Lowering the Barrier to Office 365.

The day was a great success, both from an informative and networking point of view. The key takeaway… always to remember to put people first.

Don’t miss out next time

To experience the excitement from the SharePoint Expo, watch this short video.

And to get a prime seat at the next SharePoint NYC Expo on May 16, 2017 in Times Square, sign up here

David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer