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Extended App for Office 

We are excited to announce that we extended App for Office to Excel and PowerPoint. With App for Office you can save Office documents to SharePoint and open SharePoint documents in Office, from within the Office app.

In Word or PowerPoint 2016, for Windows, Mac, or Online, or in Excel Online, click the Insert > Store button and search for When you add for Office, the ribbon-button is added to the Home tab:

Save Office documents to SharePoint

Use to upload your Office document to SharePoint. Click Save to SharePoint, browse for the SharePoint location, and save. When the upload process completes, you can fill in the document properties, check the document in, and then continue to work on the uploaded document using Word/Excel/PowerPoint or Word/Excel/PowerPoint Online.

Open SharePoint documents in Office

To open SharePoint documents within the for Office app: Click the Open from SharePoint ribbon button, browse to the document you want to open and select between Open in Word/Excel/PowerPoint and Open in Word/Excel/PowerPoint Online.

Want to learn more?

Visit the App support page.

Feel free to send us your feedback using this form.

Ram Tagher
Product Manager