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Product Updates:
Browser authentication support (Claims-based authentication and custom
authentication infrastructure) – is now able to connect to
SharePoint by delegating the browser to authenticate users against SharePoint
sites. In cases the SharePoint server uses session-based cookies for
authentication, Internet Explorer 8 and above is required.
Improvements to the save attachments process – Drag and drop
documents and saving attachments to SharePoint’s versioning-enabled document
library will prompt the user to either add a new version to existing documents
or create a new document.
Save state of sidebar in e-mail messages – Sidebar visibility will be
persistent across e-mail messages in case the user explicitly opened or closed
Important bug fixes:Apostrophe (‘) removed from documents and folders name
#15491: Excel documents are opened in multiple processes
#18855: No scroll bar when the number of tags exceeds the height of the
#19931: Select content type when multiple documents are uploaded
#19944: Email header mapping maps 'From' field with exchange display
#20029: Email header mapping is working only in cached mode
#20082: Don't allow creation of folders if it's not allowed by the