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We were excited to attend Microsoft’s Ignite conference in Orlando, FL, this month, where Microsoft released more information on the new Microsoft 365 platform, as well as their vision for Digital Transformation. And like all big events, the highlights were a big topic of conversation on Twitter.

We’ve collated the best tweets from Ignite—as well as some stories on knowledge management and information overload—for you to get your teeth into.

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 Join our breakout at #MSIgnite to learn how to use #MSGraph to create people- & group-centric apps w/ @dlavenda

Microsoft Ignite was a fantastic event as expected, filled with keynotes and conferences designed for developers, data pros and IT decision markers alike. And was invited to join Microsoft on stage in the Microsoft “Build smarter apps with Office using the Microsoft Graph” session. — which was a big success.

The Microsoft Graph is the gateway to your Office 365 and Microsoft cloud data, insights, and rich relationships. It’s the easiest way to integrate with users’ data and build smarter and contextually-aware applications that leverage the power of Microsoft Office, Azure and Windows. 

If you didn’t manage to attend the event at Ignite, don’t worry—you can watch the full presentation on-demand here.

 Microsoft presents #Microsoft365 the new #CollaborationTool for business.

Microsoft 365 was first introduced in July at the annual Microsoft Inspire conference for its partner community. Microsoft 356 brings together Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. It’s currently in public beta, while general availability release will come at the end of the year.

But organizations already using Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security might not understand the appeal. Microsoft details two key benefits of Microsoft 365:

  1. Ready-to-go software: comprising of time-tested products, Microsoft 365 has a much higher chance of a positive buy-in from users. Companies don’t have to wait for mobile apps or security updates, as everything is already there.
  2. Constant collaboration: Microsoft 365 is an opportunity for SMEs to get a centralized solution that can help them adopt a collaboration-oriented approach to their business, with multiple services and products for one price.

For more information on the benefits of Microsoft 365 and how the collaborative solutions are distributed within the new software, read the full Newsfactor article.  

 Our research has been published in the latest @FortuneTech article: “#App fatigue is becoming a problem”

Information overload—the negative side effect of having too many apps in the workplace—is the bane of a knowledge worker’s life. And recent research has revealed that information and app overload hurts overall productivity and morale, preventing workers from focusing on the most pressing tasks at hand. Barb Darrow, senior writer at Fortune, explains:

“New research illustrates the problem of app overload in the workplace. After reading the survey, called ‘The False Promise of the App Economy’ employers may want to rethink how many apps they deploy or offer a way to better corral siloed information.”

So instead of making life and work easier, a case of too many apps can make finding information more difficult and reduce productivity. Read the full FortuneTech article here.

 The time is now for #DigitalTransformation: once organizations start to transform, it will never be the same

The prospect of digital transformation began as a process reserved for only the most technology-focused and advanced companies. But as the ability to ‘digitally transform’ a business has become more widespread, more companies are considering digital transformation.

This post from Gary Audin, President of Delphi Inc., explores the realities of digital transformation for businesses—what it is, where your company currently stands and your pathways for getting there. Read the full article here.

 See how we helped @AonHewitt manage their #documents in a more efficient way with SharePoint! Find out more here:

Aon is the leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, human resource solutions and outsourcing services. They have 66,000 employees worldwide in 120 countries. As a consultancy, they provide advice on managing the costs and risks of operating defined benefit pensions plans, which involves gathering the required information to be subject matter experts. And yet knowledge management—drafting materials, doing calculations, working in different offices—is a challenge. Access to critical documents is really important; the ability to store files in a central place to be shared and to demonstrate what’s been done for billable work is therefore vital.

Aon rolled out knowledge management software to 2000 consultants in the UK, Holland and Switzerland with near 100% adoption. Find out more in this short video, which includes a live demo of the software and how it works.

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David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer