Cognizant’s Kevin Benedict, popular writer, and enterprise software application specialist, gets up close and personal with our CEO and co-founder Yaacov Cohen – putting him on the hot seat about everything and anything.

In this twenty minute google-hangout our mobile expert Yaacov, is quizzed about the need for, our focus on the Microsoft environment, the value of mobile collaboration and the future of the mobile enterpise. Yaacov explains that in today’s day and age, couldn’t be more relevant: In a world where we are used to juggling a proliferation of apps, mobile consumer apps are not respectful of consumer attention and are actually doing their utmost to grab attention leading to app overload. Yaacov offers a glimpse into the future of and the mobile enterprise. He talks about creating a ‘Flipboard’ for mobile enterprise and how is in the process of creating the only enterprise collaboration hub -enabling productivity and collaboration for workers.

Kevin wasn’t shy in asking Yaacov how he juggles his career with his personal life (Yaacov has eight children). Yaacov compares this to productivity in the workplace and talks about allowing creative chaos to exist in an environment of transparency and collaboration. He jokes about BYOD at home, and about being the first consumer-based mobile devise manager, ensuring his family only gets provisioning to the right apps.

Watch the full interview!

Leora Borgenicht
Marketing Programs Manager