What do you do when you have five minutes to remotely find an urgent critical document? Panic?

Is your organization struggling with locked up documents of multiple formats locations and applications, because business users don’t know where to find them? In order to help you and your organization release the business value of your content, we have teamed up with E&A, taxonomy and information architecture solution experts, for a one hour webinar, showing you how classification tools can integrate tagging seamlessly into the harmon.ie user experience. 

To put E&A to the test, we tasked them with organizing our own Marketing library – our personal document graveyard and boiling pot – where we struggle to find business documents and often end up going rogue. Our Marketing library contains approximately 3500 documents, in over 150 folders. Thirty people have access, and there have been around 10,000 document amendments, sometimes spanning four years. The Marketing library is a resource for Marketing (including operations, strategy, design, media, advertising, events) and Sales folk, containing both internal and external materials - including case studies, analyst reports, budgets, blog posts, white-papers, graphics, datasheets, etc. Good luck E&A :)!

After Jonathan, our IT manager, gave E&A permission to our library (with one eye open), the first stage was to devise together a taxonomy, or classification methodology. It became clear that there were two main purposes of this library:

  • To provide collateral and information for Sales
  • To effectively collaborate internally within Marketing

We decided to split the library into two document libraries: Internal and External material. The next stage involved categorizing the documents into about ten main categories. We have many different types of business users who access and use this file, so everyone had a different take on what was important. To help with this process, E&A asked each member to send their most valuable business documents, which helped form a document hierarchy. E&A came back to us with a brilliant MindMap making sense of our graveyard by clarifying our most important values. After another couple of sessions refining our metadata map, and most valuable topics and features, we established a clear list of sorting fields, leaving us with a clear definition of how to sort our information according to SharePoint columns, and filters. We then had to tag our documents to make sure that others can find them based on custom views.

To see what happened to our Marketing library, join us Tues, July 22nd at 1pm EDT, and hear Seth Earley, Founder & CEO of Earley & Associates, Yaacov Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of harmon.ie, and Richard Poole, harmon.ie’s CTO. You will learn how core taxonomy and metadata models can bring business value to your content, and how to search and find using harmon.ie Mobile and harmon.ie Email.

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Leora Borgenicht
Marketing Programs Manager