To serve our growing customer base, is turning to a set of best of breed cloud services. That’s because today’s business reality dictates that lean organizations need to take advantage of the best the industry has to offer, even when that means enlisting multiple services providers.

Like many of our own enterprise customers, has turned to Salesforce for CRM, Marketo for marketing automation, Google Analytics for measuring web traffic, Office 365 for email, Yammer for enterprise social networking and microblogging, Lync for real-time communications, SharePoint for document collaboration and content/records management, and Zendesk for customer support. While every one of these services delivers an indispensable piece of the business value chain, none of them is broad enough to provide an entire enterprise solution.  This is today’s business reality. 

So today, personnel are providing stellar support and service to our customers by leveraging the power of multiple clouds.  This ability to take advantage of the latest lightweight cloud services makes it possible for our staff to provide larger-than-life support and pre- and post- sales services to our growing global customer base.

But it’s not without challenges.  As the IT manager at, dealing with this web of inter-connected external platforms is a challenging task.  But for the information worker, it can be a downright nightmare. Each of these cloud services has its own user interface, its own authentication scheme, its own identity store, and its own vernacular for describing business processes. Plus, each cloud service has a web interface for the desktop and a separate app for each of the mobile smartphones and tablets. That means that not only does the typical business user have to adjust to a different set of screens, but they also have to maintain a set of multiple user names, passwords, and login URLs.  That makes my job interesting and challenging.  So here is how I cope…

First of all, I use Email and Mobile to bring together the core productivity services into a single-screen.  Today, integrates all the Microsoft-based collaboration tools into a single app on the desktop and mobile, making it easy for many of my internal business customers. However, for those users who need to access additional cloud services, life is a bit tougher at the moment.  But help is on the way….

Later this year, with new offerings, information workers inside and across the world will be able to see the big picture regardless of how many cloud services they use. Because we will be bringing together many cloud services in a single screen, so users will be able to ‘see the information forest for the application data trees.’  

Until then, I need to continue to provide the best tools to our internal staff and support them every step of the way.  My job as IT manager will get a lot better later this year.  I can hardly wait.

Jonathan Lewis
IT Manager