The majority of today’s workers can only use their mobile phones for email, calendar and contacts.  With the huge investments already made in BYOD programs, organizations are eagerly seeking to leverage mobile technology to deliver on the promise of the anytime, anywhere workplace.  With this backdrop, recently hosted a live debate between two mobile experts; each one representing one of the two options available to CIOs to move their mobile initiatives forward; namely:

•    Richard Poole, CTO EMEA, advocated for a strategy that drives mobile initiatives through business-specific mobile services. Using an example from the Transportation industry, Richard argued that allowing emergency personnel access to up-to-date safety procedures can save lives and avert disasters, providing immense value to the business. In a business case taken the Finance industry, Richard argued that secure access to sensitive information in real-time was key to avoiding data leakage and preventing costly mistakes.

•    Ron Johnsen, VP Technical Services, thought that adopting a strategy that drives mobile initiatives through mass appeal mobile apps was a no-brainer! For Project Management, apps can ensure real-time editing of shared documents, ensuring projects are up-to-date. For Paperless Initiatives, these apps can mean that the latest copy is always a tap away; and when used judiciously with metadata, finding these documents becomes a snap.

The audience poll at the end of the webinar revealed that Richard and Ron were equally correct: when we asked about your current strategy for deploying mobile apps and services, an equal percentage of respondents said “apps for business specific purposes” and “mass appeal mobile apps.” Thanks to our experts for putting on such a great show! 

View the webinar here.



Leora Borgenicht
Marketing Programs Manager