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Microsoft MVP, Vlad Catrinescu – a yearly presence in's Top 25 SharePoint influencers list – has reviewed’s new consolidated product offering in his Absolute SharePoint Blog and says it's a collaboration tool that's going to improve SharePoint productivity within the enterprise.

Catrinescu had already praised's email-handling capacity within SharePoint and liked the additional functionality it gave Outlook. And he finds the same advantages in the consolidated product, such as how the Outlook add-in makes sharing the latest version of a document painless and seamless.

"It’s also easier than sending it as an attachment," Catrinescu said, "which means your users will see SharePoint as something that increases productivity, rather than something they have to do because you force them to!"

But he noted that with new features, the unified product is more than a greatest hits album. The Office add-in, for example, which works not only in the Outlook client but in Outlook On the Web. And the Outlook add-in that now works on Apple's MacOS and comes with Office 365 Groups integration, "so whatever device your users are using, they will be able to benefit from and become more productive at work."

Catrinescu was also impressed by the additional functionality added to Mobile since he initially reviewed it.

" now allows you to save documents offline on your mobile device, so you can be productive even when you do not have an internet connection, and sync those documents back to SharePoint when you connect back to the Internet," he said. "The Mobile app now also allows you to upload photos you have on your mobile device, or take a new photo and upload it to a library. This is very useful for workers that are on the road and need to report something, or keep track of pieces, road work, etc."

In the end,’s latest product absolutely earned his seal of approval.

"If you are looking to increase collaboration in SharePoint and make your users more productive," Catrinescu said, "definitely check out the new offering!"

Read the full review here.


Danielle Arad
Digital Marketing Manager