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Top 25 Office 365 Influencers

Continuing our “Top Office 365 Influencers Speak Out” series, we present our next interview with our good friend, Patrick Hosch, Technical Evangelist at Nintex and the number two ranked influencer from the 2015 Top 25 EU Office 365 Influencers

In this interview, Patrick discusses business process workflow, how Office 365 has evolved, his personal workstyle, his favorite tool from Office 365 and the state of email among many more in-depth topics.

The full video can be viewed below.

Patrick Hosch

Is business process workflow still a very big topic for on-premise and is it becoming one in the cloud as well?

A little bit of both really. Traditionally everything came from on-premise and there’s still a lot of business there but there’s more and more customers actually moving to Office 365. Every company has business processes so one of the first steps they take is to look at a couple of processes that they can put into Office 365 and go from there.  

Is mobile integration for business processes a big topic as well? 

Definitely, yeah. That’s what we cater to with our Nintex Mobile Enterprise Platform. You can create your own apps. These days everyone wants to do work on their laptops, on mobile - any device really - and you need to cater to that. Microsoft is doing the same thing, as are we and so are most of the other companies in the Office 365 space. 

How has Office 365 evolved your personal workstyle and how you’re working with technology? 

Nintex has always been quite flexible in the way people work and catered to different lifestyles. We’re very open in that sense. I think Office 365 has enabled us to embrace that even more and allows us to work from wherever we want on any device. I can come to work with my iPad and do a whole day’s work on there because everything I need is actually somewhere in the cloud and I don’t need anything installed on my iPad. 

What is your personal favorite tool or function from Office 365? 

What’s helping me most because I’m constantly on the road and in meetings is definitely Skype for Business. It’s an old product but it helps me to stay in touch with my peers and have meetings face to face even if we’re not in the same location. 

There are often big problems with user adoption of SharePoint and Office 365. Do you have recommendations? How can we help customers use more of the platform?

I think for Microsoft partners these days, it’s about being a trusted business advisor and making sure people leverage the platform as they should by making them aware of all the features and how the different parts play together. On the other hand, when it comes to adoption, it’s about giving the right training with the tools and enabling people. Gamification is a big thing that’s come up over the last few years that in my opinion helps with adoption by rewarding people for doing the right thing. We use it in our community platform quite heavily so that every time someone contributes in any sort of way, whether you like or reply to a post, it ends up driving adoption and sharing without pushing people. A lot of people in IT are very playful – they want to get rewarded not in a physical sense but with points and badges. 

People say email is dead, but it clearly isn’t. How has your work with email improved over the last year? Did you move anything to Yammer, SharePoint or one of the mobile solutions to reduce your email traffic? What about document sharing?

Document sharing is traditionally on SharePoint, but I’m slowly moving to OneDrive and using it as a document repository. In terms of emails, to be quite frank, email has been one of the major communication tools and that hasn’t changed too much. For me to take traffic out of email I use Skype where I can or even just walk up to people and talk to them. With emails, it’s about training users to actually use them in the proper way. You don’t need to send a document around with email, you can send a link to your OneDrive. Users just need to get better and be trained to do that. 

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