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Top 25 Office 365 Influencers

Continuing our “Top Office 365 Influencers Speak Out” series, we present our next interview with Paolo Pialorsi, Senior Consultant at DevLeap and previous Top 25 EU SharePoint Influencer winner.

In this interview, Paolo discusses code migration when moving from on-premise to the cloud, his involvement in Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices community project and how Office 365 has changed his workstyle among much more. 

The full video can be viewed below.

Paolo Pialorsi

Paolo Pialorsi

Senior Consultant, Author, and Trainer
Microsoft Certified Solutions Master, Charter SharePoint


What are your thoughts on code migration?

SharePoint and Office 365 can be used as a platform to develop solutions. Most of my customers who want to migrate from on-premise to the cloud also need to migrate not only content but code as well. Most have developed code based on an old development model which is now a roadblock for migrating not only the content but also the business logic and the business operations to the cloud. So, my main focus during the last two or three years has been to support larger companies and help them migrate from the old school to the new school of SharePoint and Office 365. You have to change your program model and somehow your mind because you have to think from a different perspective on how to write your code based on how it could behave in the cloud versus an on-premise server. We are also trying to provide the entire community with guidance and examples to support them in proper migration.

You are involved in a Microsoft best practices project, the Patterns and Practices for Office 365 development. Tell us more.

Yes, I am one of the members of the core team of the PnP project which is a community project led by Microsoft. This is a project made by the community and supported by the entire community of developers. We provide guidance, samples and good practices in order to help the entire community of developers migrate and transition their code to the new model. It is the focus of my life right now.

Are you now a cloud developer or still an on-premise developer?

I am a developer who can develop both kinds of solutions. I want to stress this idea: if you use the new development model you can target both on-premise and the cloud. This is the key feature of this new model. You don’t have to waste your time writing your code twice; you write it once and use it wherever you need it.

When you start developing a new project, are you starting to think mobile-first?

I am not a mobile guy and am not completely focused on mobile development. But my idea is that when you start developing a project, you should think about a project which can offer services that can be consumed by mobile devices as well as by whatever else. If you think of your software solutions as a set of services securely using for example the Azure Directory, you are a winner because you can do whatever you want with those services. You simply need to plug in a UI on top of those services and you’re ready to go.

How has Office 365 changed your workstyle?

The main feature that I use is Exchange online to more productively exchange files and content with OneDrive. The killer feature for me is the capability with the new Outlook client and with the latest version of Office 365 to send emails with links to documents inside my repository in OneDrive. I’m also a lover of Delve and look forward to seeing its future.

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