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Top 25 Office 365 Influencers

Continuing our “Top Office 365 Influencers Speak Out” series, we present our next interview with Jethro Seghers, Program Manager at BitTitan and the number three ranked influencer from the 2015 Top 25 EU Office 365 Influencers.

In this interview, Jethro discusses the details of moving a large company from Google Apps to Office 365, the current state and future of email in the enterprise and much more.

The full video can be viewed below.

Jethro Seghers


One of your projects was to move a company from the Google platform to the Office 365 platform. Can you give us some more details and insights into that? What was the main reason for their migration?

“One of the main reasons is that Office 365 in the last five years has proven to be a real enterprise platform. Google Apps has more issues with that. The features are not so enterprise proof. Additionally, Microsoft is providing a lot of incentives for companies like that [40,000 plus users] to really go to Office 365. They’re doing a lot of marketing and support to get them onto Office 365. The main reason was the majority of features that Office 365 will provide.”

You’re a bit specialized in Exchange and email. Email has been said to be dead for many years but it’s still living on. Anything new from the mail front? What are customers doing with email?

“People still use email and people will use email for a long, long time. A lot of customers are starting to realize that they need to be able to share their information and documents in a very easy way. They also realize that putting them as an attachment is not a good way. All the SharePoint people who have been pushing, don’t put them as an attachment, put them in OneDrive or SharePoint and share a link to them has definitely paid off. There’s still a lot of people that need a little bit of user training and tools like definitely help with that, but a lot of people have already made that mental click. Also with the introduction of Groups and Yammer there are a lot more options for what people can do. You’re starting to see a shift and the shift is mainly that they’ll use the right tool for the right purpose. If they want to do social collaboration they might use Yammer or Groups. A lot of people want to have something that looks like email but still have that ease of collaboration along with it. Emailing documents with attachments is a no-go anymore.”

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David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer