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Top 25 Office 365 Influencers

Continuing our “Top Office 365 Influencers Speak Out” series, we present our next interview with Geoff Evelyn, Enterprise Solutions Architect for Dentsu Aegis Network Limited and a Microsoft MVP.

In this interview, Geoff discusses digital dementia, the improvements to Office 365, predictive analytics, among many more in-depth topics.

The full video can be viewed below.

Geoff Evelyn@GeoffEVE

Your keynote talk was titled “The Future is About Looking Back”, can you tell us a little about your talk?

One of the key things about being an information professional is trying to understand what it is that allows individuals to take on new technology. We must think about how technology is split two-fold between physical and digital technology. Within that realm there are a lot of issues regarding privacy such as where we store the data, how we pick up technology, how it becomes sentimental, how we pass it on to future generations and how we hold onto our physical technology. Therefore, we must consider what the impact will be as we look further down the road at newer technology, how it may impact what we currently have and how we should take that forward with our customers.

We see Microsoft now has analytics information about how Office 365 is used. Can you speak to that?

If you look at the realm that came before Office 365, it had all these analytics capabilities where we were reliant on going into SharePoint and trying to get analytics out of there. I think a lesson has been learned about how individuals get to that information. We’ve moved away from that model and towards one where information is automatically presented to you. One where charts are automatically created so it is easier for the individual to see and find.

You were one of the first adopters of Office 365, how has it improved your personal work style?

Massively! There were so many errors in Office 365 which have been improved. I think the key one for me is the support services and the information that you can get out of Office 365. It can determine what systems are up or down such as Exchange or Skype, or whether it is something on the SharePoint side. Across the board you get immediate alerts on your mobile that tell you whether or not they are investigating the problem. This provides a lot of comfort for system admins.

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