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A Mobile Enterprise means a lot more than having access to a smartphone or tablet at work.  A mobile enterprise is one where people can be productive from anywhere, at any time – that means access to all applications on any device – in such a smooth and consistent manner.

There are a lot of reasons businesses are finding it hard to go mobile. Because to truly be a mobile enterprise, you need to think about a lot more than technology.  You need address issues and concerns related to business, people and technology. In short, here are the top ten items you need to address to become a mobile enterprise.

Business Issues

  • Clearly define business goals of the mobile initiative
  • Focus on collaborative activities
  • Articulate the goals of the initiative
  • Brand the Initiative

Technology Issues

  • Embrace BYOD
  • Provide a Consistent User Experience
  • Provide Appropriate Levels of Security

People Concerns

  • Don’t Make People Change the Way They Work
  • Train Workers Appropriately
  • Identify Organizational ‘Connectors’
  • Start Slowly- ‘Run Before You Walk’

I have written about these topics extensively in Fast Company. You can find the latest installment here. I have also created a slide show describing what you need to do, for IT Business Edge. View the slide show here.