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As part of our commitment to provide excellent support to our customers we are releasing a new SharePoint Online PowerShell script to be used instead of the Sandbox solution. Additionally, we are releasing the following new versions of the mobile apps:

  • Mobile for iOS version 3.6.3
  • Mobile for Android version 3.5.3

For Organizations That Have Already Deployed the Sandbox Solution

  • The updated Mobile apps will use the existing ' Files' Document Library under https://<orgName> for provisioning and licensing.
  • There is no need to deploy a different sandbox solution

For Organizations That Have Not Deployed the Sandbox Solution

  • A new SharePoint Online PowerShell script file is available to help administrators properly create the ' Files' Document Library; here's how to use it. Once the library is created, upload the provisioning and licensing files to this library.
  • Make sure the updated Mobile app is running on your mobile devices.


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Ram Tagher
Product Manager