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It’s been some time since the preview of SharePoint Server 2016 appeared back in August. Users and developers alike have had plenty of time to get their teeth into the ins-and-outs of Microsoft’s last update to its flagship collaboration platform.

Now that the dust has settled, our attention turns to eagerly awaiting the full release in the first quarter of next year. So, we thought we’d help with a quiz post, or more fittingly a ‘hybrid blog’ to inform you on what new features (some of which you may have heard of, some you haven’t) that the IT preview brought to the table, and really test your SharePoint knowledge.

So let’s get started! No cheating please; Google / Bing are off limits for the next couple of minutes! Add your answers to the comments section below. 






Now that you have completed the quiz, here are some other Office 365 tidbits to add to your knowledge quiver.

Hybrid Cloud Search

One of the most anticipated additions to the new SharePoint experience, Cloud hybrid search means users can discover relevant information across both on-premises and Office 365 content. The same goes for your indexed content, getting unified search results with combined search relevancy rankings.

OneDrive for Business

You can now redirect your My Sites to your Office 365 subscription’s OneDrive for Business. So, if a user clicks on their OneDrive, they will no longer be taken to their on-premises site, but to their Office 365 My Site.

Did you know? MinRoles

MinRole farm topology is a completely new feature in SharePoint 2016. The role of a server is specified when you create a new farm or join a server to an existing one. SharePoint automatically configures the services on each server based on the server role, and optimizes the performance of the farm based on that topology.

Fast Site Creation

In SharePoint 2013, it took on average 40 seconds to create a Site Collection from using a template. Now, with PowerShell they can be created in, quite literally, one second.

Compliance Tools

New sites have been introduced in SharePoint 2016 to help you stay in control, being able to leverage a lot of the compliance features in Office 365 with your on-premises version. The In-Place Policy Hold Center and the Compliance Center allow you to build your own policies and apply them against your own environment. For example, new basic policies allow you to delete data in OneDrive for Business sites after a certain amount of years.

Ram Tagher
Product Manager