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Technology author and SharePoint developer, Wendy Neal, writes in her Top 50 SharePoint blog that the newly consolidated One offers users more than just the sum of its award-winning parts.

"In my opinion, with this latest release they've added even more reasons to use an already stellar product," said Neal, the author of Black Hat Solutions for White Hat SharePoint.

The melding of, Mobile, and Connect makes sense, Neal said, because it addresses the realities that companies are facing SharePoint access needs that cross platforms, from desktop to mobile and even offline. has already been offering effective solutions for years, she said, and SharePoint users have noticed.

"Over the past year, has seen an enormous uptake in interest of being able to save email messages in SharePoint," said Neal. "With the new unified offering, emails can be saved, tagged, indexed and searched just like any other document of record, from any device."

She also highlighted the new features that come with, including support for Mac users, the ability to upload multiple images, an email body widget, access to Office 365 Groups, versioning, and offline support, among others. These productivity-improvers are a sign that is listening to its customers, Neal said. So is the consistency of user experience that's found in the Mac support, mobile, and offline modes.

Delving into each new feature, Neal offers insights into how they serve to enhance productivity while keeping true to the familiar user experience and ease of use. The ability to upload multiple photos at once, for example, will be a boon to construction or engineering firms that need to document worksites without the hassle of going back to the office, uploading images to a computer, and then moving them into SharePoint. Via the Mobile app, it can now all be done at the site, directly from the device.

Neal concluded that this consolidated product proves the company continues to "deliver sought-after features that improve productivity by streamlining previously disjointed processes."

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Danielle Arad
Digital Marketing Manager