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What do The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and CNBC all have in common? I mean, besides being respected news outlets…

All three outlets this week featured with its exciting new Office 365 capabilities and new Office 365/SharePoint app for the BlackBerry 10. What did they have to say? Here are a few choice quotes.

  • “The app provides full-featured Office 365 and on premise SharePoint functionality, including secure connectivity and offline document access.”
  • “Users get real-time updates as colleagues update important documents then follow those documents with an intuitive activity stream of collaboration activities”
  • This [’s] new level of mobile productivity elevates the message of "bring your own device" to "use your own device” and brings a tangible ROI to the BYOD enterprise trend.”

As part of the 4.0 launch, co-founder and CEO Yaacov Cohen was quoted weighing in on the significance of BlackBerry’s recent product launch:

"The most exciting announcement they [BlackBerry] made is their strategy to provide secure infrastructure across devices and secure iOS and Android devices in addition to BlackBerry devices...I look at BlackBerry as a provider of infrastructure for mobile computing. When you look at things from this angle, given the huge need for secure infrastructure, then the position of BlackBerry can be one of total leadership, something similar to what Microsoft achieved during the switch to personal computing."

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Stay tuned for more great stuff.