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Hot on the heels of the customer preview of the new Microsoft Office release, just announced version 1.0 of for SharePoint – Office 2013 Edition – a featured app in Microsoft’s new Office 2013 app store for Outlook and the first-ever product to enable email users to access SharePoint collaboration capabilities directly from Office 2013 Web and desktop applications.  

Our newest product provides a user experience that is consistent across Outlook desktop and Web clients as well as on iPads and iPhones, enabling users to easily perform collaboration tasks such as uploading a document to SharePoint using drag-and-drop and replacing attachments in outgoing emails with SharePoint links with a single click.   Additional enterprise collaboration and social features, including’s hallmark activity stream that enables users to follow people and document updates in real time, will be released in conjunction with Microsoft’s Office 2013 release.

 We believe it's this consistency and ease of use that’s the missing link in SharePoint projects – the secret sauce that will help drive the success of virtually every project, from Records Management and Knowledge Management to Enterprise Social Networking.

Check out for SharePoint, and send us your comments!