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Blackberry has just released the new BlackBerry Q10 – you know, the one with a keyboard. Personally, I have the Z10 and just love the sleek keyboard-less interface. But there are a lot of existing BlackBerry users who won’t be able to live without that QWERTY keyboard as part of their device experience.  So, for them, this release is a godsend.  

The way I figure it, regardless if you go Z10 or Q10 – a huge part of the reason you use a BlackBerry is because you can count on it to be secure and to be a true business tool, not just a consumer device with some business apps available ‘on the side.’  So a big piece of the BlackBerry experience is using the phone to do business wherever you are.  Up till now, that usually meant reading email and maybe seeing contacts. But business today involves so much more.  And that is why you need to try the new ' Office 365 and SharePoint Client’ app, which is now available on BlackBerry World. makes it possible for the first time, to embrace Office 365 and SharePoint for document and social collaboration, anywhere, anytime on your BlackBerry.  It allows you to easily share and edit Office 365/SharePoint securely and then follow those documents with a clever and intuitive ‘activity stream’ of SharePoint collaboration activities. You can search for expertise in your organization, right from Q10/Z10 and view those colleagues’ profiles.  And it works with both Office 365 ‘in the cloud’ SharePoint and ‘on-premise’ SharePoint. In short, is THE Office 365/SharePoint app for your new BlackBerry – so while trying your new Q10 or Z10, try to see how you can really get work done today. You can download the technical preview version, here