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Ireland's 2014 Local Government Reform Act required a number of city and county councils to combine operations for greater efficiency. The Waterford City Council and Waterford County Council were the last of the local governments to be merged under the act, and they needed a way to quickly and effectively bring their record-keeping systems together without falling out of compliance with Irish record-keeping laws. The newly formed Waterford City and County Council decided that expanding their adoption of SharePoint was necessary, and found the best tool to facilitate that was was the solution to several challenges that arose from the merger. While SharePoint was in limited use in some departments, it had not been widely embraced by employees; but once they understood how's "one window, no pain" functionality made it easy to use all of SharePoint's features, adoption rose quickly. also simplified the retention of and access to records, some of which have to be kept for a century or longer under Irish law. Furthermore, it allowed users to handle the myriad types of files that came to them – PDFs, PowerPoints, GPS and GIS files, audio clips, spreadsheets, images and text documents, as well as the emails that were increasingly associated with every project – with equal ease.

Because gave its employees a practical and intuitive solution to the monumental task of combining the huge volume of records from the two merging local governments, it allowed the Waterford City and County Council to continue serving its 114,000 constituents without interruption while also remaining in compliance with Irish law. As one official said of the experience, "If we didn’t have, we wouldn’t be able to do it at all. Loads of things now are being done through"

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Danielle Arad
Digital Marketing Manager