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Great news from IBM - a new generation of IBM Notes and Domino Social Edition  applications are now available. New version 9.0 delivers activity streams, microblogging, and file sharing right from the email client.

Why is this important?  Because social email isn't your grandfather's email. It is a whole new social experience that leverages the centrality of the email client as the place where many workers still spend a great portion of their workday.  But the concept of social email entails so much more. For more details about IBM release, click here

The significance of IBM’s recent announcement is their continued enhancement of the concept that collaboration starts in place where worker's already spend their work time.  Using the email client as the platform that aggregates applications and social collaboration tools to transform the email client into a Social Email platform is an important piece of the mobile worker experience. has been a huge proponent of leveraging worker's existing work habits as the place from which to enhance their collaboration experience. First it was email...but now it entails so much more.  Now, to support the mobile enterprise, it is critical to provide a great social user experience across multiple social and collaboration platforms, like IBM, Microsoft, and Salesforce, from every device and interface from which workers can access enterprise information, like the desktop, a host of mobile devices such as iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, as well as the cloud via interfaces such as Microsoft Office Web Apps (OWA).

IBM and's joint view of the collaboration experience led to a strategic partnership through which developed the “IBM Connections Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook,” which is available to IBM Connections customers, directly from IBM. The “IBM Connections Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook” aggregates social capabilities from IBM Connections directly into the Outlook email window, thereby transforming conventional email into Social Email - a full-featured social collaboration platform. 4.0 carries on with this approach but vastly expands on it by extending the concept to all other places people spend their time in addition to email, such as mobile devices and the cloud. Furthermore, it extends the collaboration experience to other popular collaborations platforms such as Office 365 into the overall collaboration experience. To read more about 4.0, click here.

As a company we are committed to deliver a consistent social user experience.  We are very happy that the market is showing the same commitment!