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August is always hot, but this summer was particularly hot for Because this summer,’s co-founders Yaacov Cohen – CEO, and Roy Sheinfeld – VP R&D, have been featured in a number of industry articles spotlighting their thought leadership and industry vision. Cohen has been highlighted talking about the new mobile reality and what it means for SharePoint and Yammer customers, while Sheinfeld focused on the technology behind  Read on for details...

WebHeader5Seraphim Group: Executive Interview Series: Mobility At Work Is About Getting The Job Done. Yaacov Cohen Explains.
Industry analyst Bob Egan interviews Yaacov Cohen, co-founder and CEO of on the state of the mobile industry. The interview focuses on transitioning personal mobile devices at work from a “nice to have – to a must have.” Cohen talks about why CIOs and IT Exec staffs need to focus less on BYOD and more on Use Your Own Device (UYOD) to get the job done.

techrepublic logoMobile collaboration best practices for SMBs
Yaacov Cohen, CEO of weighs in on the value of the cloud for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

“‘The cloud is very compelling for SMBs because it requires no IT staff. It’s also a natural fit for mobile.’

He recommends a data less tablet and the cloud. While his company develops mobile and alternative client apps for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, he points to Salesforce, SkyDrive, and even Office Web Apps as more options to keep corporate data in the cloud vs. on the device.

Cohen raises an interesting question, ‘Do you really need Mobile Device Management (MDM)?’ He sees a more nimble solution for SMBs to be mobile devices and the cloud enabling users to provision themselves. His recommendation frees up IT staff for more billable work.”

Read the whole story here.

senchaSencha Touch Customer Spotlight –
In this article, co-founder and VP of R&D Roy Sheinfeld talks about his decision to select the Sencha product suite as a development building block for’s mobile products.

Sheinfeld: “Building products for the mobile enterprise specifically targeted for BYOD environments, we needed a development infrastructure that would enable us to reuse development investments for the various mobile platforms. Sencha Touch was a natural choice due to its cross-platform capabilities. Moreover, being able to use the rich set of out-of-the-box, high-performance components from Sencha was key to helping deliver a product to market in a timely manner with a great user experience.”

Read the whole story here.

techrepublic logoThe future of SharePoint, Yammer, and mobile in the social enterprise
Influential SharePoint thought leaders weigh in on how SharePoint, Yammer, and enterprise mobility intersect to create new opportunities for business.

In the article, co-founder and CEO Yaacov Cohen opines, “Microsoft's acquisition of Yammer has allowed Microsoft to become much more social and much more relevant to advanced IT organizations. It also makes Microsoft more 'cool' for the actual user. Yammer is transcending the Microsoft brand in the social arena, in the enterprise context.”

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techrepublic logo“Turn a failed SharePoint implementation into a win”
Veteran tech reporter Will Kelly writes about how to turn a failed SharePoint implementation into a win. In this TechRepublic article, Will spotlights as a key enabler in making your SharePoint implementation successful.

According to Kelly, “I've tried most of the major iPad apps for accessing SharePoint and the Office 365 and SharePoint Mobile Client in particular could breathe new life into SharePoint access by providing a better (and touch screen) user experience.” Read the whole story here.