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With global economic volatility and uncertainty increasing every year, the public is constantly demanding greater fiscal accountability; and governments have responded with stringent information governance (IG) regulations. For more than a century, this national Treasury agency had been meeting both sets of expectations while stewarding the public's finances. But with the rapid proliferation of email and other electronic documents, the challenges of remaining in compliance called for a new approach that would still allow for the safe capture, classification and storage of critical data.

SharePoint provided the Treasury with strong document management and collaboration capabilities but employees had no way to transfer email content from Outlook into SharePoint; and if those employees couldn't easily use SharePoint and adopt the system according to regulatory policy, not all critical information and metadata would be successfully stored. The solution would need to be a single repository for email communications and documents that would also allow easy search and recall of data as it was needed. Officials determined there was a missing step between Outlook and SharePoint; they found the answer with allowed the Treasury to create a single repository for email communications and documents, and made it easier to get documents into the system with all appropriate metadata. Because its drag-and-drop simplicity functioned seamlessly within the Outlook window, where employees spent their time, it saw quick adoption by making the right thing to do also the easy thing to do.'s hybrid environment capabilities, which are accessible either on-site or through a cloud-based set-up, allowed the Treasury to meet IG requirements that all its records remain on-premises. The Treasury has been able to successfully solve its distinctive compliance and collaboration challenges, all while allowing its employees to continue serving the people with no disruption to their workflow.

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Danielle Arad
Digital Marketing Manager