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We are excited to announce the general availability of Email version 5.0 (for Outlook). This new version delivers support for Outlook 2016 and some powerful new capabilities; here are the main highlights:
Where Did You Save Your Email Messages?
When you drag-and-drop an email message to, to upload it to SharePoint, now remembers the SharePoint location you selected. To find out where you saved the message, simply open it and click the Saved Location button in the ribbon button. A dialog shows you the location, and you can click it to navigate to it in You can find out where a message was saved to SharePoint even if someone else uploaded it and not you. saved location
Override Old Office Format Documents with New Format
If an old Office format document (such as .doc, or .xls) was uploaded to SharePoint, and you or someone else saved it to the new Office format (.docx, .xlsx), you now have the option to upload it as a new version. Drag the new format document over the old format document and wait for 2 seconds, will suggest to replace the old file with the new file.
new office format
‘Link to a Document’ Content Type now supports the Link to a Document content type. When you double-click an item of this type, the linked document opens.

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Ram Tagher
Product Manager