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Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation

Raising money for necessary healthcare is an admirable undertaking and one that requires a flurry of documents flying back and forth covering budgets, reports, contracts, operation plans and a lot more. We are honored to welcome the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation, WCHF (known locally as ‘TeamKids’), operating out of Adelaide in South Australia, as one of’s newest customers. TeamKids is the fundraising platform for WCHF and has provided more than $30 million to the hospital over the past ten years to ensure that mums, children and their families have access to the best medical care, facilities and support in their time of need.

Having recently upgraded to SharePoint 2013, TeamKids found that their system of sharing documents through local shared drives had become obsolete with SharePoint 2013’s change from using folders to ‘sites.’ In need of a new way to effectively manage and email documents, TeamKids local system integrator Coritsu Group, introduced them to

Briefly, here’s how was able to help TeamKids. Over the course of 12 months TeamKids customized their SharePoint installation through; adding enough structure to make it useful, without too much to make it cumbersome for workers to actually use on a daily basis. This involved saving emails and documents to SharePoint using The users like the ability to simply drag and drop emails and documents to SharePoint. has also helped TeamKids effectively classify their documents through assigned metadata. Searching for documents is now a snap. is proud to be working with such a selfless organization and happy that our solutions have enabled them to get work done so that women and children across Southern Australia can get the care they need.

Read the full case study here.

David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer