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Conseil De L'Europe

Any company with offices or employees in multiple countries knows how important communication, tight-knit collaboration and organized document sharing is for long-term success. The Council of Europe is a regional intergovernmental organization spanning 47 member states and employing 2,400 internal and 4,000 external employees; in other words, effective collaboration across long distances is a must. We are excited to welcome such a prestigious organization which steadfastly promotes human rights, democracy and the rule of law across the European continent to the family of customers. With, the Council of Europe has been able to achieve easily searchable document storage and, most importantly, company-wide adoption of SharePoint.

The Council of Europe had been sharing documents through Outlook email by dragging and dropping files out of generic Exchange-based shared drives. Though this system experienced wide-spread adoption among employees, it lacked the document management features and search capabilities required for collaboration at scale. In an effort to achieve proper document management, Philippe Reilhac, the head of IT Directorate for the Council of Europe, helped the organization adopt SharePoint 2013. In short, this change was not well received by employees who were no longer able to work out of email and found the process of assigning metadata to be tedious. was able to help the Council of Europe by first taking aim at the user adoption problem. With Email’s SharePoint Outlook side-bar, employees were once again able to save, send and search for documents directly in their email client. Next, addressed the metadata problem by implementing a system that automatically extracted metadata from documents being uploaded to SharePoint. has proven to be more than just a product – it’s a core component of the Council of Europe’s SharePoint solution and has made it easy for employees to comply with file management requirements. With adoption of SharePoint achieved, the Council of Europe is now looking into providing employees mobile access to the platform. We look forward to guiding them down that road.

Read the full case study below. You can also watch Philippe Reilhac give a talk on this case study from ESPC 2015. 

Council of Europe Full Case Study

Council of Europe ESPC Talk :


David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer