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Though just a small-to-medium-sized company, the specialized machinery and technical software that Klotz GmbH develops for measurement, testing and automation equipment is used worldwide throughout the automotive industry.  Whether an organization produces products for local consumption or products with international reach, any inability to ensure accuracy when sharing fluid information can set the organization back both operationally and financially.  In order to improve their collaborative efforts, the German-based Klotz GmbH needed to find a way to automate the content synchronization between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint so that its internal processes could match the speed of its production.

Klotz GmbH had previously deployed SharePoint in an effort to better organize their business intelligence.  Klotz understood that email not only represents a vital and indispensable element of information governance, but one that carries a fairly heavy significance: for every document of record, you may have many accompanying emails of record.  Shouldn’t these emails be treated and archived as documents, themselves?  For Klotz to be able to achieve full document recall, it was imperative they utilized a solution that allowed the organization to organize emails and digitized documents through the same means as one would organize Microsoft Word documents.

In adopting, Klotz GmbH has been able to achieve a system by which every member of a project team has direct access to all documentation in an easily-searchable, easily-scalable, on-demand repository.’s simple, intuitive solution has enabled Klotz to work directly from SharePoint without any single- or multi-user confusion – only increased document visibility and archive-retrieval functionality.  Just as Klotz GmbH discovered what synchronous email upload and efficient SharePoint web and folder hierarchy navigation could do for their organizational productivity, learn what can do to have your organization running like a well-oiled machine.

Read the full case study here.


David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer