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For a multinational, quite literally mobile organization, collaborative document management complications can be a tremendous roadblock.  Being the second-largest truck and 13th-largest car manufacturer in the world only made it more difficult for Daimler AG employees to collaborate with seamless online, offline, and mobile access to critical documents in real-time. This was especially true for Daimler executives who were plagued by document “versionitis” during board meetings. Without each member working from the same playbook, meetings were not as efficient. Daimler needed a way to ensure that each individual would enter every meeting with the same, most up-to-date documents even when offline.  

Daimler began making use of SharePoint in 2007, but much of the staff seemed reluctant to fully adopt it for themselves – so much so, in fact, that many of their assistants reported transferring documents as recently as 2013 only through email and USB devices, inhibiting much of the mobile accessibility that one would expect from a modern enterprise.  As a company that relies heavily on shared calendars, document management, and real-time document collaboration, it is critical for all members of the Daimler team to be able to access the same fluid documents from anywhere, at any time.  Additionally, part of this document accessibility would mean encouraging users to think not in terms of hierarchies and folders, but in terms of metadata.

Before, Daimler struggled to find a way to bridge the gap between Outlook and SharePoint.  Now, automatically classifies their emails by categories such as “to” and “from” and “subject” to SharePoint metadata for easy document retrieval and document collaboration.  Through’s mobile access and automatic metadata classification, Daimler has been able to deepen their SharePoint collaboration, ensuring that all executives and support staff can access a single source of truth at all times.  Learn how can help put your organization on the road to collaborative cohesiveness.

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David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer