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Time is of the essence when treating patients, so healthcare companies absolutely need to be able to find and process patient paperwork quickly . That’s why we are excited to welcome a new healthcare company to the family of customers.  This healthcare company is responsible for one of the United States’ largest specialty managed care health plans (720,000 individuals in 20 counties in a South Eastern state). helps employees to collaborate and manage documents, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced redundancy, and a successful new SharePoint implementation.

Briefly, here’s how was able to help the healthcare company improve their business. Like most companies, this company relies upon email for communication with customers and suppliers. Before, the company used email distribution lists to deliver messages to the teams responsible for handling customers and suppliers. But there was no way to track or verify if emails were actually answered. And since lives were at stake, this was unacceptable. Furthermore, workers had to manually assign metadata for effective indexing – which rarely works well, so finding information was a problem.

The company moved to SharePoint and for storing and classifying important emails and documents. With the new system in place, emails are automatically uploaded and classified in SharePoint. A workflow makes sure that patient and supplier emails don’t fall between the cracks and that the company can comply with their policy of answering all emails in a short period of time.

The big win is that the company vastly improved their business while workers did not have to learn a new process; and they continue to work from email, which is what they like.

Read the full case study here

David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer