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Construction companies send enormous numbers of project-related emails and documents to a wide variety of employees, contractors, suppliers and customers. Smooth operations at building sites depend on the constant exchange of these documents and emails, requiring anytime, anywhere access and intelligent document management to easily find the right information.’s solution empowers construction personnel to edit, store, classify, retrieve and collaborate on large amounts of data, in both emails and documents, with a few simple clicks on the desktop or from mobile devices. This simplification and automation of the process encourages rapid user adoption and widespread, consistent use of Office 365 and SharePoint in the office and on the road.

“Our field workers need access to critical documents and emails – anytime, anywhere. Our employees continuously work with approximately 900 templates to correctly handle construction site application procedures, from set-up to handling instructions. This is why enormous volumes of email traffic build up every day,” noted Atilla Kücük, IT division manager, Leonhard Weiss – serving 4,000 employees throughout Europe. “We’ve built a bridge to SharePoint using as a single, central document repository. lets us store, share and access emails as the important documents they are. makes the entire process of document handling easier for the employee, so that use of the SharePoint server has increased massively.” 

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David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer