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It’s been just a few short weeks since for Android was released, but the praises for the new Android product of continue to roll in.  This blog post will highlight some of the most influential reviews that appeared in the last few weeks. 

SharePoint Joel
“If you’re looking for a consistent desktop-to-mobility strategy, you’ve found one of the top vendors in this space! The rich document metadata and access to documents is unmatched by the competition.”

“ tries to be smart, fast and scenario-focused. So many of the mobile apps I’ve seen for SharePoint are all about navigating libraries. SharePoint 2013 brought document following, and exposes it right on your mobile device and ports it for SharePoint 2010 so you can favorite documents for quicker access.”

Joel’s bottom line:  “If you’re looking for a solution, which really focuses on the information worker and what they need most in mobile, you’re looking at a top vendor in this space…They’ve raised the bar on this release.

Read Joel’s complete review here:

AgnewFarms: Marianne Wohrle
“The app allows you to scroll through all the SharePoint content   and quickly access any documents that you have permission in the document library. The interface for the documents allows you to quickly see all the information about a file including the modification date, user,  version, size and file type. Once you click on the file you can use the send button to email a link or the document or you can just copy the link to use in another document.  You can open the document to view with the quick viewers or use one of your preinstalled android  apps that works with the different file types. The files can also be checked out if you want to prevent other users from changing the file while you are working on it. You also have the option to share the document.”

Marianne concludes: “I would definitely recommend downloading this app and trying it out.”

Read the entire review here:

SharePoint Wendy
“My personal thoughts surrounding the practice of users accessing unsanctioned mobile and file sharing apps is that a lot of organizations don't fully understand the risks they face if they continue to allow these rogue practices., of course, continue[s] to provide secure access to sensitive information in their mobile solutions and have strengthened this resolve by partnering with some of the top mobile device and security management vendors in the space. All the while they are keeping with their mantra of allowing the user to work in the manner that they are used to working, instead of forcing them to learn a whole new system or process.

Wendy’s Conclusion:   “If your organization is worried about data leakage and the consequences that can come with that, then I would definitely recommend giving a look.”

Read the entire review here:

“I will admit that I am not a big Microsoft fan. I spent the better part of a decade in the clutches of Windows World, before heading back to the Apple orchard. So, for me to say that I was impressed with the latest offering from is really saying something.”

Steamfeed Sean concludes: “ is easily one of the best multi-platform collaboration apps that I have seen on the market today and well worth any IT Manager’s time to explore.”

Read the entire review here:

Michael Greth [DE]
Michael reviewed and summarized his findings in a six and half minute [German] video. Watch the review here:  

Come back soon to see even more product updates and reviews.