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The European SharePoint Conference is less than three weeks away and I’m delighted to be part of such an exceptional line up. The conference will take place in Barcelona from the 5-8th May 2014. This is Europe’s largest SharePoint event, so I am particularly excited about presenting to this auspicious audience of SharePoint / Office 365 developers.

I will be presenting a session on “How To Build High-Performance Cross-Platform Mobile Apps for Office 365/SharePoint.” The session takes place on Tuesday, 6 May at 16:45 –be sure to attend. Here is what I will be talking about:

 Workers are untethering from their desks and doing more work on the go - ubiquitous BYOD programs are making this practical. But how can organizations provide information workers with consistent, full-featured access to SharePoint documents and colleagues on the plethora of mobile devices already deployed? This session provides a practical guide for what it takes to develop, deploy, and support SharePoint and Office 365 mobile apps in all-size organizations. The session includes details about how to sort out key user experience and responsiveness requirements for large scale SharePoint deployments, such as dealing with a large number of documents, metadata, response times, etc., as well as developing the appropriate user experience for non-technical business personnel. The session also provides insights about how to select the proper development environment for your different business needs. 

More about the Conference

The European SharePoint Conference will run over four days. Already, over 1000 SharePoint experts, developers, integrators, and users have signed up. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to mingle with the European SharePoint Community.

Browse through the conference programme, which includes 110 sessions, keynotes, and tutorials, on topics covering the latest news from SPC14 -  including what's new in SharePoint 2013 SP1, Office Graph/Oslo,  new Office 365 REST APIs, Access Apps, and Cloud Business Apps.

If you want to deepen your SharePoint expertise, to understand the trend of the SharePoint market, and to learn how to leverage Microsoft Office 365 for your business, including the revolutionary Enterprise Social wave, the European SharePoint Conference is the best place to be in 2014!

Prices start from €1150! There is also special group discounts for bookings of 3 or more people.

Book Now and we'll see you in Barcelona in May

Roy Sheinfeld
Co-founder and Vice President of R&D