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Remember the first time you downloaded a consumer app to your mobile device from work and began to use it…despite policies forbidding employees to do so? That’s the moment you crossed the line and went ROGUE.

What's the big deal, you ask?

When employees use unsecured and unsanctioned apps, they put their companies at risk: A recent survey found 27% of workers who went rogue reported immediate consequences, ranging from lost business to expensive lawsuits and financial penalties. And this behavior is costing U.S. organizations $2B to clean up. (Read the entire survey here.)

To highlight the broad impact of rogue IT, is running a ‘horror story’ contest to uncover outstanding exploits perpetrated by employees who have broken the rules by using unapproved mobile apps for good or bad…and lived to talk about it.

Have a story to share? Tell us yours (anonymously) here, and you might be one of the three lucky winners to walk away with a Samsung Galaxy S IV (on which you can load whatever apps you want, secure or not)!

Read the more about the contest and the rules here.

And submit your best (worst) story here.

Good luck!