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It's official: the federal government of Canada now recognizes that most email messages are records and must be treated as such – captured in a records management system where they can be identified and retrieved as necessary.

How exactly are organization and agencies going to accomplish that?

Join Orangutech and for a live seminar on Tuesday, Sept. 13, and we will show you how to leverage Microsoft's leading business productivity tool, SharePoint, for keeping mission-critical emails in compliance with the new information governance regulations. The Role of Email in Records Management Initiatives will be held from noon to 3 p.m. EST at the Ottawa offices of Microsoft Canada. There you will learn about key issues like:

  • Protecting enterprise business information assets
  • The role of SharePoint and GCDocs in Federal email management
  • The Email Transformation Initiative (ETI) and the paradox of the "Zero Inbox"

Our own Yaacov Cohen, co-founder and CEO of, will get things started by introducing you to The Role of Email in Records Management Initiatives. Orangutech CTO, Daniel Sanscartier will then take you through a live demonstration on how to tackle the email challenge, From Outlook to GCDOCS through SharePoint. After, these two experts will take your questions.

Finally, you will get to take part in's survey about the digital transformation within the federal agencies of Canada. It is an area where one research firm says the nation's businesses are lagging behind. Because you are on the front lines of this seismic shift, we want your views on how it is being implemented, what the hurdles are and where it is having the greatest impact. You will be contributing experience-based information that will help us share a broader understanding of the digital transformation with everyone who will be touched by it – in government, in business and in the public.

The Role of Email in Records Management Initiatives is a free seminar, and you can register here today.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Danielle Arad
Digital Marketing Manager