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In the aftermath of individuals’ and organizations’ rush to the cloud, many now find themselves struggling to connect their disparate enterprise apps in a way that makes sense for their employees. Businesses are using more cloud vendors and disparate enterprise applications than ever before, and toggling between these apps and the data siloes they create is a drain on knowledge workers’ time and productivity. It can be difficult for workers to find critical information, and they are overloaded by noisy notifications and other workplace distractions.

The moment is right for VARs and resellers to address multi-cloud challenges with their clients. For VARs and resellers, however, shadow IT and other multi-cloud challenges have made it difficult to provide their clients with cohesive solutions tailored to their clients’ unique needs.

Our new Collage™ for Dynamics 365 solution is perfectly suited for this task, which is why we’re excited to announce that it’s now available for channel partners. Collage uses natural language processing and machine learning to uncover and associate topics across multiple apps, presenting information for users by topic rather than by application; topics like customer, project, service, and product.  This approach, called topic computing, aligns with the way our brains are naturally organized, enabling workers to be more focused and productive.

Using Collage, channel partners can create cloud-based solutions that are tailored to specific business situations, addressing the unique challenges their clients are facing with vertical or custom solutions. Not only do end-users benefit from solutions that cut down on app noise and help them do their jobs more effectively, VARs and resellers also win by positioning themselves as trusted advisors capable of helping businesses extract more value from their strategic cloud investments, creating service opportunities that grow their revenues.

VARs and resellers are looking at a unique opportunity for growth as they help their clients work through the information overload challenges that are unique to their business. Collage allows companies to take a people-first approach to this problem – delivering information in the way the brain naturally works. Read the full announcement here.

For more information about becoming a partner, visit our partner page.


David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer