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Many organizations around the world are reaping the rewards from digitally transforming their businesses. By sharing their stories, we can all be inspired to use digital technology in creative ways to boost productivity, collaboration and so much more. At, we love hearing about the different ways organizations of all sizes are using new technologies to improve the digital experiences of their employees. As always, we have kept an eye on the most interesting topics, stories and articles shared on Twitter this month, so you can stay on top of the latest developments too.

If you think we’ve missed an important story this month, please feel free to let us know in the comments box below or on Twitter – @teamharmonie is the place.

 1.   Adopting #Office365 usage reporting means revolutionising how a company works & communicate great info @Anne_Michels

At this year’s Microsoft Ignite, there were a lot of big announcements to get excited about. There’s no doubt that Microsoft’s work in quantum computing took many of the headlines, but there were also interesting announcements across the broad spectrum of the Microsoft world. A great example was the announcement of new updates to Office 365 usage reporting.

In this post, Anne Michels, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Office 365, summarizes everything that’s new. The post discusses how IT admins can now track user activity and app usage in Microsoft Teams, as well as visualize and analyze usage in Power BI. Another new feature is the use of The Microsoft Graph reporting APIs to help incorporate Office 365 activity data into other reporting solutions. The post concludes with a taster of what’s in store for the coming months – as always Microsoft have a lot of interesting developments in the pipeline. Read the full article here.

 2.   Why dealing with FOI requests means such a hassle? Click here to see how it can be solved w/ #SharePoint & #Outlook 

In an era of digital technology, storing and searching for documents of record should be easy. This post by’s David Lavenda suggest three ways that digital technology can create a barrier to Freedom of Information (FOI) fulfilment.

David unpacks the realities of dealing with FOI requests, stating that there’s often too many steps to store content, that email content and attachments are not stored with the same diligence as other types of document, and that several inherent limits to metadata can obscure and withhold the information you are looking for. Read the full article here.

 3.   #SharePoint is now part of @SwissRe employee's everyday life. How? Find out in our #casestudy

Swiss Re is one of the three largest reinsurance companies on the planet, with over 14,000 employees in countries across five continents. In the business of reinsurance, knowledge is everything. For companies like Swiss Re to function efficiently, their employees need to share knowledge as quickly and as easily as possible.

As part of their strategy to unlock the value of Digital Workplace technology, Swiss Re have singled out collaboration as something that’s particularly important to them. Here’s where come in. We have helped them improve collaboration organization-wide by helping them implement and roll out a SharePoint and integration. Read more about the success story here.

 4.   How to design a #DigitalWorkplace that boosts your employees' productivity and engagement. Check this out! 

In this fascinating article, Clint Boulton begins by saying: “Your digital transformation is doomed to fail unless you empower employees with a digital workplace.” At, we couldn’t agree more. Our goal is to help humanize digital experiences by putting humans back at the center of their digital experiences in the workplace.

The post goes on to propose an eight-point plan for digital transformation, which includes: Vision, Strategy, Metrics, Employee experience, Organization change, Processes, Information and Technology. We agree that the focus on using AI and digital assistants to make sure information is contextualized and delivered at the right time is really important. For more detail, read the article here.

 5.   How to use the #MachineLearning to better understand your customers  great article @khanna_aj

Does your organization fall into the category of forward-thinking businesses that are implementing artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and cognitive computing to transform your business? Or are you still trying to figure out what the differences are between them?

In this post, Ajay Khanna discusses how customer data lies at the center of any move to fully utilize these emerging technologies. In particular, machine learning can be used to improve data quality, uncover and understand relationships between data entities, deliver relevant and timely offers to customers, and make the busy work life of data scientists easier and more productive. Read the full article here.

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Ram Tagher
Product Manager