harmon.ie Solution for:Construction


  • Access to enterprise email and documentation when working remotely on construction sites, even when there is no connectivity.

  • Managing and changing documents from a mobile device.

  • Capturing photos and videos from the field and uploading them directly to SharePoint.

  • Finding important documents, emails, tasks, and business contacts while off line in remote areas in the field.

  • Collaborating in real-time with supervisors and colleagues in the field.

  • Dealing with Paper documents in the field limits collaboration and increased the risk of losing valuable information.

harmon.ie helps construction companies succeed by providing simple and intuitive solutions to these challenges.

The harmon.ie Solution

Maintain access to the latest versions of key documents such as project documentation, safety and maintenance data, and important emails, even when offline.


Classify and search for information using SharePoint metadata; harmon.ie makes it easy to find critical information fast.


Automatically provision key documents like building plans and schematic diagrams to personnel so they are available anytime, anywhere.


Annotate PDF documents offline and on the fly; upload them automatically when you reconnect to the network.


Find important documents and business contacts while not connected to the network.


Reach out to colleagues from mobile devices using Yammer, Office Online, SharePoint, Outlook, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, email, and the telephone…all from a single app.


Offline Capabilities

harmon.ie provides the most comprehensive and granular offline access to SharePoint documents and lists, including contact, calendar events, announcements, and wikis. By automatically provisioning document updates to mobile devices, harmon.ie ensures that personnel always have the latest and greatest versions of all key documents, wherever they are. Plus, personnel can capture photographs, annotate PDF documents, and update Office documents while offline; harmon.ie automatically synchronizes all the changes when reconnecting to the network.

harmon.ie Produces Results

The bottom line is that by taking advantage of harmon.ie’s capabilities, your organization can be more productive, finish work faster, decrease liability, and garner enormous cost savings.