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In today’s Digital Workplace, employees are drowning in information.  This is because readily-available cloud apps are creating a disconnected user experience for workers.  With workers and teams each subscribing to the best cloud service for a task at hand, the number of apps in use in the workplace is exploding.  In fact, while cloud technology advances and the app economy aims to drive economic growth, productivity growth has paradoxically flat lined.

What’s the solution? How can workers sift through all the information and app noise to focus on getting their jobs done?

Today, debuted Collage  to forever change the way information is delivered in the cloud-era workplace. Humanizing the digital experience, Collage automatically organizes and delivers information by topic so workers can stay focused on what matters most, rather than blindly searching for information. It fully unifies disconnected information from multiple cloud services within employees’ primary work interface – Outlook.

Alan Lepofsky, productivity expert and VP at Constellation Research, notes, “Employees often find themselves so overwhelmed with information that instead of becoming more productive, they grind to a halt … People want solutions that aggregate together all the content and colleagues around a given topic, allowing them to stay focused and get their work done.”

People naturally think in topics. Collage is the first topic-driven interface to present enterprise events from multiple cloud services the way the human brain works – by topics, fostering focus rather than distraction.

Get the full scoop in today’s news release or register for our upcoming webinar to learn more.


Yaacov Cohen
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer