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Swiss Re, one of the largest reinsurance companies, is a knowledge company powerhouse. The amount of disparate data to consider in assessing risk for the projects it tackles is staggering.  Making sense of that data is critical to the success of Swiss Re’s strategy.

To be able to insure and reinsure high-risk projects like hydroelectric plants, Swiss Re depends on teams of experts who create knowledge regarding risk assessment from mountains of data. According to Rainer Baumann, Swiss Re CIO, “We are experts in how to work with data, and on methodologies when we talk about bringing in data – and also in leveraging the latest technologies.”

However, making sense of the available data isn’t easy. Baumann adds, “The majority of information is unstructured; it is unrelated - meaning it comes from very different sources. You need to put it into context to understand it. We do not employ hundreds and thousands of people [to do this, so] we need to do this in an intelligent way.”

Watch the complete CIO video to hear how Swiss Re is embracing the digital era and tapping into leading innovators like to help make the most of the available information.

Swiss Re’s Digital Workplace Deep Dive

When Swiss Re embarked on its digital workplace journey, the goal was to provide the tools that employees need to make Swiss Re a leading knowledge company. This includes the tools experts need to make the most accurate and efficient assessment of risk.

Technology may be a critical component to help make sense of Swiss Re’s disparate data, but it is impossible to fully realize technology’s potential if people are unable (or unwilling) to use it. To deliver business value, people need to come first.

Vice President and Senior Enterprise Architect Jochen Kleinschnittger remembers, “We made the mistake of introducing SharePoint as a technical project, thinking ‘let the IT team do the IT stuff, and then the business users will adopt it and will just use it.’”

They didn’t. Employees did not embrace the new technology so it delivered negligible value.

Swiss Re then partnered with to put the human in the center, bringing SharePoint into everyday use for their employees. made it easy for workers to collaborate from the email client—boosting the adoption rate of SharePoint as well as improving overall collaboration and employee efficiency across the company.

Kleinschnittger continues, “We have rolled out as a standard product for everybody. It’s provided to every new person that joins the company—they get on their laptop and Outlook, because it’s helping us move them into the cloud and helping the user experience.”

Check out our latest live presentation for a deep dive on Swiss Re’s initiative to humanize the digital workplace—fostering collaboration to improve risk assessment.

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David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer