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Michael Greth

The SharePoint MVP reports that “enables more effective and more productive work”

With the market’s increasing options for saving information and documents on the Microsoft platform, where would one go when they’re looking to leverage all of these resources in a simplified, unified solution?  That would be through, claims Michael Greth, an esteemed SharePoint MVP, in his Product Review.

No matter what new technological advancement or initiative comes along, email always manages to withstand and persevere as the single-most commonly used means of workforce collaboration.  Greth points out that at the same time, “New tools like Yammer, SharePoint or OneDrive have been added, which connect us with parallel communication channels such as team workspaces or activity streams.”

These tools certainly help to enhance the email experience, but they also serve to foster a new problem in maintaining organization while switching between the different tools.  Without a solution like, many exceptional Microsoft tools are disregarded because they may simplify a single process, but do not improve one’s overall efficiency.

“This is where offers a solution, putting all communication channels back into one application on the desktop in Outlook or on mobile devices in one app,” says Greth.

Greth also speaks favorably on’s approach to treating emails as documents. understands that maintaining email records in a separate silo is not optimal or practical for document management or business productivity.  Housing all of your documents in a single repository improves recovery and efficiency.

On top of that, Greth praises for enhancing communications from desktop through mobile, citing’s ability to “merge various communication channels in one application, like on a desktop.”

Click here to read Michael Greth’s Product Review.


David Lavenda
Chief Product Officer