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We are pleased to announce that One will be honored as a Trend-Setting Product of 2016 by KMWorld Magazine! We will be featured in the September issue of the magazine, which recognizes the top innovative software products of the year. One unifies our suite of award-winning workplace collaboration products, which bring our powerful email management tools into Outlook and help workers streamline SharePoint productivity through our ‘one window, no pain’ interface.

Sandra Haimila, editor of KMWorld, said the magazine's Trend-Setting Products always "hold promise for the marketplace." Timing is also a key characteristic the judges consider. A product has to hit the market at just the right moment – too early and it won't find customers; too late and competitors will already have the advantage.

"Each year we look for software products that break new territory in helping organizations achieve their knowledge management goals. These products are designed, developed and perfectly timed to fill a niche in the marketplace before users are even aware that such functionality and flexibility have been missing," Haimila said. “Our judging panel agrees that such characteristics as usefulness, scalability and level of innovation are among the most valuable components that we consider when we annually select the KMWorld Trend-Setting Products."

This is's first time being recognized by KMWorld. We are proud to receive this honor. You can read about One and the other 2016 Trend-Setting Products online at KMWorld starting Sept. 1.

Read the full article on KMWorld here.


Danielle Arad
Digital Marketing Manager