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We are excited to announce the general availability of Email version 6.1 (for Outlook). Here are the main highlights of this release:

Improved uploading items to SharePoint

When you drag items onto a group header of a grouped SharePoint location, automatically associates the items with that group.

When you upload email folders to SharePoint, each email will be marked as saved on SharePoint: The message icon for saved messages changes to: , and the message category states the SharePoint location in which the message is saved.

When you upload an outgoing email message to SharePoint, email recipients can find out if and where the email message was saved. A new command menu for email messages - Open in - locates email messages saved on SharePoint in the sidebar.

In addition, a new provisioning key allows you to upload empty folders to SharePoint, when uploading Outlook or Windows folders.

Rename SharePoint items

Right-click a SharePoint item in, and select Rename to give it a new name.

Surface favorites to Office applications

Your favorite locations are now added to your Office Open / Save As dialogs. You can find your favorite locations under Browse > Microsoft Word > favorites.

Want to learn more?

Visit the Outlook support page.

Feel free to send us your feedback using this form.

Ram Tagher
Product Manager